A Twilight wedding

This year I have seen a rise in twilight weddings. I think after covid more and more couples are having the weddings they want rather than the expected traditional affair and I am most definitely here for it.

In 2020 when the numbers for guests at wedding were drastically cut, I think people could see the benefits of a much simpler smaller wedding. Since then there has been a rise in these types of weddings as well as elopements, and where better for an elopement than this beautiful country we get to call home.

So what’s a twilight wedding well its as it sounds a wedding ceremony set at twilight, usually between 4-6pm in the winter months. There are pros and cons to this type of wedding and one major necessity. That necessity is having a photographer that know their stuff.

Shooting in low light is not for every photographer, there are many that only use natural light and guess what, a twilight wedding has no natural light as its dark when it starts and dark when it ends.

So if you are thinking of a twilight wedding in winter make sure you’re photographer knows their limitations and it comfortable using either off camera flash or comfortable working wither higher ISOs. If not you are likely to get a lot of dark and grainy images back.

So Pros and Cons?  Well I’ve just told you the biggest con and that is lack of light, this means it will effect  not only your ceremony but your group shots and your couples shoot. Now if you want a ceremony by candlelight and the romantic warm vibe it gives then a twilight ceremony is definitely for you, just make sure you book a photographer that can handle it. This is also where you need to think about your group shots, the group sizes and the areas you can use. Unless of course you are happy to have your group shots inside then you are good to go!! Photos generally take much less time as there’s not always the option to leave the venue or go walking around grounds.

Again if you are booking a beautiful venue with stunning gardens, you are not going to really get the benefit in the dark, but if its a beautiful venue on the inside this is where you photographer can work some magic with some flash.

So Pros, what are the pros of a twilight wedding, well if you hate hanging about or the thought of a full day in a wedding dress or kilt is not making you smile, a twilight wedding is a much shorter day.  This can mean you can save money on your venue hire as well as food. You may opt for a buffet rather than sit down meal, and you don’t need to find suppliers to fill in any gaps whilst photos are being taken. The biggest pro is probably that you don’t need to get up at 7am to start getting ready, in fact you can probably sleep till the afternoon if that’s your thing!

So would I recommend a twilight wedding? Of Course I would, if it’s your thing go for it!!. Just put more thought into your photos, swap a confetti shot for a sparkler shot. Think about the tones for your wedding. When I think winter twilight I think candles, warm tones, burnt orange, red, plum, black but hey its your wedding do what the hell you want!!!

Nobody says you can’t, unless its venues of course (they don’t always allow twilight weddings) but that wasn’t the venue for you anyway.