Hi I'm Helenor and welcome to my site. I am firstly a wife and mother (both to a human and some dogs), and then I am a photographer and film-maker.

Ive been a photographer for over 20 years, shooting my first ever wedding on film……Scary stuff no room for mistakes on that day. I fell into weddings accidentally, after finishing my degree in photography I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go into so I gave everything a try, I did nursery photography, I tried news photography, I worked on a cruise ship for a while and then was asked to cover a wedding for a friend…..and now  its mainly what I shoot.

On a wedding day think of me as your personal therapist. My favourite things about weddings ARE the emotions, the laughter, the tears, the LOVE going around the room.

Its the CONNECTIONS…..I  love to keep in contact with my brides…..If you let me I will stalk your insta and BE there for you through all the good and bad times. I just love to see peoples lives and like knowing for one day I was a huge part of your story.  But hey if that’s too much  that all good too, I don’t friend request as who like rejection right?  but I’m more than happy for you too! But hey if you like me and can be quite private. I totally respect that.

Weddings match my personality perfectly. Most people will describe me as overly emotional……(I like to think of it as empathetic)…I cry at adverts…I cry at happy movie endings…..I actively sob at sad movie endings.  My son loves to watch me watching a movie and announce when that first tear is about to roll  Please don’t think that that means I’m a sad person. I’m not honest!! I love to have fun, I love to see people having fun, laughing and joking and INCREDIBLE dance moves.  

I just seem to have a knack of knowing what other people are feeling.  It’s a good skill to have on a wedding day, it means I know just how to calm someones down when they are feeling anxious. It also means I can jump on whatever fear they are having and squash it before its even started.  

My favourite things are in no particular order…..DOGS….NACHOS…TRAVELLING…MUSIC..GIGS and sometimes just peace and quiet..

Im lucky I have a motorhome and  that allows me to do most of that list fairly regularly. I love it if I can take my motorhome away for a wedding, so if you are getting married somewhere in the middle of nowhere I bring my own accommodation. On my bucket list is to see more of the UK as well as EUROPE within the next few years. Id love to start doing destination weddings in the next few years too, once my son is a bit older.

So when it comes to my style I like to think of it as authentic cinematic storytelling, I love to CAPTURE the emotion and joy on a wedding day.

I don’t love too many posed images but sometimes a little nudge is ok on how to make a picture better.  When it comes to GROUP shots, I think natural is best….this is when I like to think my banter comes in….I love to get groups interacting and laughing at each other….NOBODY likes STIFF Group shots.  During your couple shoot, I will always try to make it fun and get you and your partner some private time to take the day in.  My favourite part of the day is the speeches and dancing.  I love seeing people enjoy themselves and being free, especially when they have had a few wee drinks and the inhibitions are gone. The old ones up dancing is honestly the best thing to photograph. 

I don’t just shoot weddings, I also do newborn, family and cake smash sessions. Coming next year as a family we will also be setting up our YouTube channel to document our travels in our van. Hey lets see if my 8 year olds decision to be a YouTuber will be as viable as he expects it to be.