Top 10 Entertainment Choices for a Wedding

A wedding is not just the union of two souls; it’s a day of celebration, joy, and endless memories. The entertainment choices can significantly contribute to the overall atmosphere and make the day even more memorable. Here are the top 10 entertainment choices for a wedding that will surely elevate the mood and add a dash of fun, excitement, and emotion to your special day.

1. Live Band: A live band adds a personal touch to the celebration. The band can perform a variety of genres, from classics to contemporary hits, catering to the taste of all your guests. My favourite bands have to be Keeper Lit, Ernest, Splendid Gentleman and 3 Card Trick

2. DJ: If you want your wedding to be a non-stop dance party, a DJ is a must-have. They can keep the energy high with their seamless mixes and get everyone on the dance floor. The Kilted DJ and Stephen Elliot are perfect for this. Or what about a silent disco? I recommend Hawd Yer Weesht

3. Magician: A magician can add a touch of mystery and fun to your wedding. They can entertain your guests during the cocktail hour or in between the dinner courses. I recommend Elliot Bibby

4. Photo Booth: A photo booth with fun props can provide a hilarious and interactive experience for your guests. It also acts as a great keepsake for guests to remember the day.

5. Fireworks Display: If your venue permits, a fireworks display can be a grand way to celebrate your union. It’s a spectacular sight that will leave your guests awestruck. I recommend 21CC (ask about Silent Fireworks, lets protect those animals)

6. Dance Troupes: Hiring a dance troupe can add an extra layer of entertainment. Whether it’s a traditional folk dance such as a cealigh or a modern dance number, it can be a visual treat for your guests. Check out Havana Blonde. An alternative to this is a proper Scottish pipe and drum band. I can thoroughly recommend Drum “n” Roses and Clannada

7. Caricature Artists or Live Drawing: A caricature artist can sketch quick portraits of your guests. It’s not only entertaining but also provides your guests with a personalized memento of the day. I recommend The Kilted Caricaturist and What Hannah draws

8. Singing Waiters: They provide a great surprise and get folk ready for the party. We love napkins in the air and even the occasional dancing on tables or guests on top of other guests shoulders. My favourites are Singers Secreto and The Best Singing Waiters.

9. Saxophone Player: For those Ibiza vibes if that’s your thing. Shades of Sax

10. Game Zone: Setting up a game zone with fun games like ring toss, mini golf or a giant Jenga can keep the guests entertained, especially if there are kids at your wedding. Another favourite is a bouncy castle. This is perfect for Spring and Summer garden weddings.

Choosing the right entertainment can turn your wedding into an unforgettable day. It’s important to consider your guests’ preferences and what would make your day truly special. Remember, the best weddings are those where the bride and groom’s personalities shine through, including in the choice of entertainment.

Check out those recommendations here

Keeper Lit


Three Card Trick

Splendid Gentleman

The Kilted DJ

Stephen Elliot

Elliot Bibby


Drum “N” Roses


Singer Secreto

The Best Singing Waiters

Shades of Sax