authentic cinematic wedding photography.

I love to CAPTURE the emotion and joy on a wedding day.

So you like me, you like my style…. whats next.

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Firstly you need to secure your booking...

Well firstly if you are super sure you want to bag me for your wedding before anyone else does, firstly you need to secure your booking.. by that I mean pay your booking fee. I am happy to wait till after a meet for you to pay your booking fee but if someone comes in looking for your date, its first to pay the booking fee that’s the client.  I will always try and give a heads up to couples that are about to book if someone else is  interested in their date, but sometimes if I am out a wedding this isn’t always possible. So booking fee….what is it? well its 25% of your final invoice.  

When you book, you will sign a contract, this protects both you and me, please read it thoroughly and if you are not sure about any of it….just ask. I promise I’m here to answer all your questions.  Ive added a little FAQ section down below, as believe me no question is a stupid question. Whats important is that you understand the process and if you don’t well I can explain it. Once you have filled out your questionnaire and signed your contract that’s you booked.  If we haven’t done so already we then arrange a meet or zoom call.

pre wedding

So once you are booked, whats next?

Well depends how far away your wedding is but roughy 2-3 weeks before your date, we arrange a final meet or call. Why so late you ask? Well because things change, timings change and really I want my timeline of your day to be as accurate as possible and this is usually when everything is locked down. That doesn’t me you can’t reach out before then. Please do, I like to know my couples before their wedding. Ideally I love it if you have an engagement session as this gives me a little but of bonding time, but again I know this isn’t for everyone so if you don’t want one of them, what about meeting at your venue and having a quick recce together?

post wedding

What happens after the wedding?

Well I get some sneak peeks to you within 72 hours….so you can get that profile pic changed. Then depending on my schedule at the time I aim to get your final images within 4-6 weeks and your final film within 10 weeks. If its going to be longer than this I will keep you in the loupe, but its never usually any longer than this.


How do we receive our final images?

Well firstly I send your password protected gallery, from here you can download all your images, please send the link to your nearest and dearest and get them to download aswell, then I ask you to save all your pics in several places, multiple computers, hard drives and usbs. Go get them printed, whatever you do just don’t do nothing. Every couple of years I get someone who loses them (usually their phone) luckily I always have back ups, but I might not one day.  These are you wedding photos please take care of them. For your film you will receive a YouTube link as well as a USB,  again save EVERYWHERE.

a selection of wedding videos

Now for those all important FAQs.

With COVID around, people started to realise that we are human too, and yes we get sick too, we also have families who get sick.  If for any reason I think I will not be able to shoot your wedding. The first thing I will do is have a backup ASAP, this is where the wonderful world of social media comes in. Throughout COVID and even before the dreaded C word. I have always had a network of amazing supplier friends, some I have still not met many I have and many I have helped out when they have been in trouble. So first I will reach out to them, they then reach out to their supplier friends and so on and so on. It’s why I will always cover for another photographer if I can. If you have a look at my supplier friends sheet, these are people I have worked with in the past, people I trust and people I can depend on.  Im also part of an emergency group covering the UK.

Well that depends on the reason and when you cancel, if you have decided to change your date and I am available I will try to accommodate you and transfer your booking over to the new date. A lot of work goes into the admin of weddings so if you decide to cancel altogether you will receive any monies paid minus your booking fee which cover the admin/calls and replying to emails, messages etc. You will relieve your money back within 60 days.  This does not include if you cancel within 14 days of your wedding. I am human though, please talk to me. If something has happened that I can help with, I will try.

Obviously if another Pandemic comes along then, all rules fly out the window and please just give me a call and we can talk about a plan. 

Hey we are all self conscious, if there’s something you are worried about before your wedding talk to me, if there’s a way I can make you feel more comfortable I will try.  If its after your wedding and you still don’t like yourself in photos then it’s time for wine and a catch up. So many people are used to posting heavily edited images of themselves on social media, and I don’t advocate that. I think everyone should love themselves as they are but as your photographer talk to me. I would rather do some tweaking to make you love the photos then know you are struggling to show them because where I may see beauty you may only see flaws. Photoshop is a tool that can be used to enhance but thats only what it should do. If you want specific adjustments on photos please talk to me. I will tell you honestly what can and can’t be done.

No, if you are happy for me to share, I will as its how I can promote my business but if you want me to specifically not post to social media, then I won’t. I will always respect your privacy and choices.


Yes I offer couple shoots, these are £200 and come off your final balance when you book me as your wedding photographer.  If you have already booked then these are included within your booking.

Yes, these can be ordered from the day you receive your images. They are not included in packages.


I no longer include albums in my packages, these are added on and paid separately because quite frankly I hate chasing clients whom have paid for an album but never get round to picking their images. Therefore when you order your album you will be asked for your favs….I know its hard to choose but until you pick you can’t get an album.. My favourites will never be your favourites because it’s not my friends and family in the pictures. 

With certain packages a second shooter is included, if you have not picked a package with a second shooter included but wish to add them on it is £250 extra.

Full day packages I arrive usually around 10.30am and leave at 4th dance.  If you wish me to arrive earlier or stay later this can be discussed and a supplement will be added.

Of course but as it interferes with my break time, a supplement again will be added.

No you don’t, it is always appreciated, never expected. If a meal is not provided I am happy to seek out a nearby take-away.  If you are getting married where there is nothing within a few miles radius I will ask you to provide a hot meal, nothing extravagant soup and a sandwich is fine. Only because I do not want to leave your venue and risk any possible chance of being late back.

I do a fast track service, this obviously means you jump the editing queue but so as not to hold the queue up this is done in what would be my free time so costs a premium.

Photos – 1 week turnaround £300 

Video – 3 week turnaround £500

Can you cut people out of the photos/video

Video – Probably not, I will where I can

Photographs – Depends on the photograph, if it’s a group shot a premium will be charged as this needs to be outsourced. 

I have a whole network of videographers who shoot with me so it depends on your date.  When you book a joint package with myself I provide videographers whom I trust implicably. Often I will do the editing or I will ask them to depending on my workload at the time.  They will edit in my style.

I can do it but id rather not, its a skill and very stressful. I have done it in the past when brides have been let down.  I do now offer though ceremony video add-ons. If you don’t have the budge for a joint package but specifically want your ceremony filmed. I can do this at a supplement of £300.

Of course!! And if anyone spots anything on my website that doesn’t feel inclusive, please let me know. I am always trying to do better.

With patience and decorum, again I always ask if there are any situations I should be aware off. Families can be difficult, no judgement here I just want to make your day as amazing as I can.

I am not a robot, I am human, talk to me and we will work it out. 

I have done in the past, and I will do again. If anyone knows of a situation where a bride or groom is terminally ill please talk to me, I will try and help if I can. 

Please check out


Well aside from the fact that you get to hang about with me on your wedding day I also give 30% off all future bookings for maternity, newborn, family and portraiture sessions.

Hell yeah, any chance I get. I give 10% discounts to blue light card holders. I also give a 10% discount to anyone booking me for a castle in Scotland  I’ve never shot before (to help with my bucket list). I also give a small discount to anyone getting married in East Kilbride (as I get home a lot earlier)

Getting married abroad…will definitely give a discount!!

So if you have any more questions, let me know and I can answer them and add them here.