Why Fido should be on your guest list?

Some time ago having your dog at you wedding was unheard of, but with 1 in 4 households now owing a dog, it’s no longer a surprise that there is a rise in dog friendly venues. 

Dogs are our family, they live with us, we see them every day. They are our babies, and in some ways they are more important than (insert random uncle) who you have seen a handful of times in the last 10 years.

When I was planning my own wedding over 10 years ago, I hadn’t even considered my dog Perry. Luckily one of my dads friends was able to not only dogs-sit but even brought him to have a few pics after the ceremony. Now that he’s no longer here, I can tell you those images are more important than any of the ones with people I barely knew anyway.

Now that I have 2 rescues dogs (one being a mini horse…well a greyhound) it gets even harder to have them watched. We do everything with our dogs including taking them to Europe on their holidays. It’s also obvious to see the rise in dog friendly holidays here in the uk with lodges, shepherds huts and cottages all being listed as pet friendly. There are now dedicated websites just for finding dog friendly bars and restaurants. 

So bringing you dog to your wedding, is it a good idea? It depends on your dog, and it depends on your venue. If you are having a Scottish elopement outside then definitely involve your pooch but what about bigger weddings?

Some venues will just tolerate a dog being brought for 1 hour, some will actively encourage you to bring your dog or dogs. What suits you better, who will be chaperoning the dog during the ceremony? All good questions to ask

If you don’t have someone in charge, what about hiring outside help? heritage and hounds and woofs weddings are just 2 companies to name that will pick up, look after and bring your dogs to your wedding. 

Here are some recommended venues that are dog friendly

  • Lochside House Hotel
  • Stonefield Castle
  • Enterkine House Hotel
  • Peebles Hydro
  • Blytheswoid Square
  • Kilconquer Castle
  • Airth Castle
  • Sherbrooke Castle
  • Crutherland House
  • The Torrance Hotel